Inspired Life Seminars
Retirement, Life and Career Transitions  

Inspired Life Seminars Are Designed Specially for You

Are you recently retired, semi-retired or ready to make a life change? Ever ask yourself is this all there is? Want to explore what’s possible for the next stage of your life? Then Living an Inspired Life Seminar is just for you. Inspired Life Seminars delivers personal growth seminars for retirement, life and career transitions.

Most “retirement” seminars deal with financial readiness or if you have enough money to retire or change careers. Inspired Life Seminars focuses on the personal and emotional impact this major life and career change will have on individuals and couples. Living an Inspired Life Seminars and our Coaching Packages are carefully designed to gently support you during this transition to help you create a new stage of life, full of meaning, happiness and purpose.

We know it’s not easy dealing with major life changes. And yet change is the only constant in life. Living an Inspired Life Seminar provides tools, inspiration and support to purposely move forward to the next stage of life. Make it amazing.

We have created a variety of Inspired Life Seminars to suit your needs:

Lunch & Learn: Our signature “Are You Ready” talk will dip into your readiness to embrace the 3rd Age and help you discover your readiness to be a Seenager. We come to your place for what’s guaranteed to be an informative, fun experience.

One Day Seminar:  In just one day, this seminar gives the opportunity to celebrate, explore and create a vision for your retirement, so you can create the best stage of your life with the support of other like-minded Seenagers.

Inspired Weekend: The ultimate experience is our Inspired Weekend, our landmark seminar which takes a deep dive into who you are and what you want to be when you grow fully into your retirement. This deluxe experience includes tools, resources and coaching to support you in having the best retirement ever.