Being Transported

Alright, it’s time for a confession. I am a die-hard Star Trek fan. Yes, from the original series all through the subsequent movies and television franchises I’ve watched them all. Last week, my son and I took in the new movie and shall I say, I was transported by the experience. I think what I have always loved about the Star Trek franchise was it dealt in possibilities that weren’t all doom and gloom. The premise of the original show was a 5 year mission to explore and boldly go where no man has gone before. This was always done with imagination, creativity and energy.


There is a technology depicted in all the programs where solid matter can be transported from one place to another. It is usually preceded by the phrase “energize” I don’t think it’s coincidental that the feeling of being transported is associated with the word energize. Although we live decades before the time of the Star Trek era, I have experienced a feeling of being transported to a different place or time when energized by my surroundings. I felt this way on Saturday night.

Energy: Not Always For Conservation

Saturday night my son celebrated the release of his first full length musical album with a spectacular show at the Windsor Beer Exchange. During the performance the crowd became energized. They were dancing and singing along with the band in a way where both audience and performers shared more energy together than they would have had separately. They were transported beyond their everyday world and into a different dimension. They let themselves be immersed in the experience.

An All-Ages Experience

Now some of you might be thinking there was some alcohol contributing to the energy in the room and you would be correct, however, I personally know an 88 year old who sipped on cranberry juice all night that felt the same surge of energy as the youngest person did. We might think that some of these experiences are only for young people but we’d be wrong. The experience is for everyone who needs to be energized. Find a place where people come together and join in. Let yourself feel the experience from the inside and not just on the news. Each time you put yourself in the middle you potentially recharge yourself in a brand new way. So this week, why not find a local concert in your community and put yourself in the middle of the crowd. Take in all the energy and watch how great it makes you feel. Definitely an experience for all ages to make you feel ageless.