Being Transported Alright, it’s time for a confession. I am a die-hard Star Trek fan. Yes, from the original series all through the subsequent movies and television franchises I’ve watched them all. Last week, my son and I took in the new movie and shall I say, I was transported by the experience. I think […]

The Hinge Between “Not Now” and “Not Ever”

There is a doorway in our mind we travel through when we decide that “not now” has become “not ever”.   For some of us this phenomena can appear like a revolving door as we age and opportunities of youth have been lost or cast aside.   We bring the threshold into sight when we […]

Coming Of Age

I love it when I read something that sparks my imagination.  This morning it was a post from a friend on Facebook about the construct of time.  What it said was that time has no meaning.  We have simply developed constructs related to the rotation of the earth and the orbit of the earth around […]

The Last Day

There are events in our life that stay at the edge of the horizon until we clumsily bump into them.  We neglect to pay attention to them because we’ve got too much to do before they arrive.  It’s as if we remain the young child who wants to be a Super Hero when asked “What […]

So Much Beauty

Spring is the perfect time of year to remind us of the colours in the universe.  It is a period of renewal when the dullness of winter makes way for the bright  shoots of colour that emerge from the ground.   As each bulb breaks through the soil we eagerly look for signs of its […]

This is Your Masterpiece

I love this line.  It is from an Andy Grammer song that I listen to often.  In the song he talks about creating a life that starts with a blank canvas and it is up to us to use our mind to fill it with the colours of the universe.  The song also emphasizes “not […]

It’s Play…Not Work

When you make a choice to do something why not refer to it as play.  Instead of saying “I’m going to work in the garden” try “I’m going to play in the garden”.  Instead of saying “I’m going to meet some friends after work” say “I’m going to play with some friends after work”.   […]

Don’t Look Back, Look Forward

Imagine the excitement to wake up and live a life with purpose.  Then again, just waking up is sometimes cause for excitement.  If you’ve recently retired, or are thinking about retirement have we got some great information to shake your world.  It starts with the realization that the next 25-30 years of your life might […]