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Anyone approaching the age of 55 has likely wrestled with the question “what’s next?” Ever wonder what the next 25-30 years will look like? Join us at Inspired Life Seminars and Coaching and let us support you in creating the life of your dreams.

“We have experienced first-hand the challenges facing individuals changing to a new career or transitioning into retirement or semi-retirement. If you are considering a career transition, semi-retirement or retiring completely then Inspired Life Seminars and Coaching will support you in creating a life of meaning and purpose for your 3rd Age.” Taryn and Patti, Creators of Inspired Life Seminars

Taryn Brady – BSc, ACC

Taryn is an Associate Certified Career and Leadership Coach and a member of the International Coaching Federation.

After 4 years of semi-retirement and re-creating her own career and life, Taryn has now co-created Inspired Life Seminars and Coaching to share her expertise with clients experiencing semi-retirement and retirement.  Since 1996, Taryn has been an owner/consultant with Hemingway Green Inc. and is certified in The Leadership Circle, a 360 degree assessment tool for leadership development. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Zoology and a Masters in Spiritual Science. What fuels Taryn? She loves to be a cheerleader for awakening the human potential in each of us. Clients have come to know Taryn as an intuitive, solution-focused Facilitator and Professional Coach.

“We saw a need for a workshop and coaching support to help people gain greater meaning and purpose in their lives as they transition to the new frontier – our 3rd Age where we may spend 30 years of our life. Whether you are experiencing major life or career transitions or health challenges – you can stay inspired through it all.” Taryn Brady – BSc, ACC

Patti Sproat – BA, ACC

Award Winning Designer, Facilitator and Co-creator of Inspired Life Seminars – discover your best life yet!

Patti entered her 3rd Age three years ago after a long career in a provincial organization.   After she left corporate life, she combined her past expertise in designing and delivering learning programs with her passion for coaching.  Patti is a Certified Associate Coach with the International Coach Federation, an Insights Discovery Practitioner, certified in Emotional Intelligence and Team Coaching International and holds a degree in Adult Education. Patti is also founder of Patti Sproat Positive Solutions to help small businesses and individuals discover their passion and build their success.  Embracing her creative passions, Patti is also an author and has written numerous blog articles and is currently publishing a book.

“We found that the resources and the support for “what to do next” were really lacking therefore we created a solution. Through the Inspired Life Seminars and Coaching you will find out more about who you are, your passion and your vision for the next stage of your life.” Patti Sproat – BA, ACC


What is it that keeps people inspired as they make life transitions? Join us at Living an Inspired Life and check out our Coaching Packages.


Come discover tools, inspiration and resources to create the life of your dreams. Now’s the time to create the best stage of your life…you deserve it!

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